Corporate wellness

Resized workshop photo1.jpgAcross the country, companies are beginning to take notice of the startling connections between employee wellness and fiscal responsibility. Employee wellness programs not only boost morale, but also make significant, measurable differences in healthcare spending. Studies have shown that employee wellness programs help reduce their healthcare costs between $2.10 and $10.10 for each dollar invested!

I am proud to present my Wellness Series, comprised of programs designed to inspire employees to take significant, preventative steps for their long-term health and wellness. The Wellness Series is accessible to a wide range of people and addresses the most common current health issues, including: low energy, stress, weight loss, high blood pressure, and cholesterol and how to incorporate healthy lifestyle choices into busy schedules.

Programs in the series run 60 to 90 minutes and are highly interactive, incorporating exercises, visual aids, handouts and other media. A teleclass format is also available. This workshop series gives employees the skills to take control of their wellness by deepening their knowledge of the effect of nutrition and lifestyle changes on their health. The series is excellent training to help employees make the best choices to sustain their vitality and productivity for years to come.

Please feel free to e-mail me at for more information or to schedule a workshop in the coming months. I am currently booking engagements for mid- to late 2013.