I believe that you are important, no matter how much you achieve.

When you have something joyful to look forward to in life, everything becomes easier to achieve -- you're more productive and you look and feel your best.

I also believe that having a vibrant life outside of work is crucial to having a stellar career.

"Catherine creates an environment of trust and non-judgment, which is important for any health professional (from my job, I should know!). She is reassuring - anyone who may receive coaching from her will be happy to know that she can help."          -A.L., Healthcare Executive

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Why be healthy?

When I tell people that I am a Health Coach, sometimes I feel that people are afraid of the  uncomfortable processes they think they have to subject themselves to in order to live a healthy life. There can be a lot of misconceptions about what healthy living entails. So to be clear, let's define health!

From what I've observed, most people seem to think that being healthy involves counting calories, eating only salad every day, being deprived of their favorite tastes, or starving themselves on a diet. Some seem to think that being healthy involves forcing themselves to do exercises that they don't enjoy. Others may think that the absence of disease or having no need to take medications is the very definition of health. While these methods may work for some people, I believe that there are more enjoyable and effective ways that you can have a healthy life.  >>READ MORE


How to implement the "how to's" of healthy eating

An accomplished consultant in Indonesia, Derek*, told me that he was struggling with weight loss. Even though he was doing great at exercising, he wanted some help with eating the right foods. The challenge for him was not so much knowing what to eat – he already knew the “how-to’s” of healthy eating – but to make healthy eating actually happen. >>READ MORE